Our commitment to the Travel Foundation

At Solo Adventure Holidays, we care about our world and encourage sustainable travel. Which is why we chose to support the Travel Foundation by making a donation for every trip you book with us.

We believe in giving back to countries our customers travel to and want to ensure local businesses prosper, as we can visit dream destinations and enjoy local culture.

Our world changes every day, and it’s our responsibility to look after it and ensure future generations can enjoy a beautiful world.

The Travel Foundation

The Travel Foundation is an independent charity that works in partnership with leading tourism organisations to improve the impacts of tourism in destinations – bringing greater benefits for local communities, the environment and tourists.

The Travel Foundation believes that if tourism is done right, destinations won’t just survive, they’ll thrive.

Their work creates secure livelihoods and better management of the environment through tourism, and to date, they have run projects in over 25 countries

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism can help to create jobs, protect heritage and living culture. Protecting the natural environment is also key, when aiming to reduce the negative impact of tourism.

Not only do our customers meet locals, but its also an opportunity for locals to meet tourists and learn about your culture too. This can make a holiday feel more special and you are likely to experience authenticity at its highest.

If tourism is managed correctly, everyone will benefit.

The Travel Foundation Projects

We are passionate about the projects the Travel Foundation are involved with, as we have seen how their projects are creating amazing opportunities for local communities.

The Travel Foundation have many achievements. One being their work in Croatia, in partnership with TUI Care Foundation, to bridge the gap between local businesses and the tourism sector. This resulted in an increased footfall in hotel guests attending ‘Taste the Village’ excursion, where they could experience visiting local restaurants.

The Travel Foundation, and it’s partners in Sri Lanka, have also improved opportunities by training beach-sellers in Sri Lanka to earn a living in tourism. This also benefits tourists as they have an enjoyable experience with beach-sellers. The relationship between hotels and beach-sellers has enhanced due to this project.